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Puppy Travel Options

We have puppies in over 30 US states and 7 countries!

We CAN get a puppy to you!

     I am a Certified Airline and Travel Specialist and went to school in Washington state for 5 months at the International Air and Hospitality Academy to obtain that certification. I am confident in any of these travel options and my ability to find you the best possible travel option for your puppy! 

   Transport options include:

1. In Person pickup / You fly in to meet us - Always the preferred option! We love the opportunity to send home lots of goodies with your puppy if they are picked up in person!

2. If my schedule allows, I can get on a plane with your new baby under my seat and deliver them personally for families located on the West Coast. 

3. We have several friends and family that will hop on a plane and deliver anywhere in the World so the puppy can fly securely under their seat in the cabin.

4. Cargo flights- We will only ship puppies on non-stop flights. This means you may have to travel outside your area to get to an international airport that has a non-stop flight available. This is not negotiable, we will not ship any puppy as cargo if it requires connection flights. This option is also temperature/plane type/ airline dependent and can only be used certain times of the year depending on where you live. All the stars have to align for this option to be utilized!

5. Flight Nannies- We are happy to work with flight nannies who are booked on our side or yours so long as they fly "Secured," meaning they purchase a physical ticket and do not fly on standby. It is a 6 hour trip for us to the airport and therefore not feasible to do multiple days in a row if a standby seat is not available the day of. 

I'm happy to chat about any travel questions you may have if you are approved through our interview process for one of our babies. Prices for each of these options can vary but we can give you a general idea of what each would look like. We have more photos than I can count of travel days, but please enjoy a few special ones from the past!



We really like Nina from Adventure Pets Flight Nanny. She is based here in Oregon and so sweet! She is a breeder herself so she really understands puppies! :) 

Goodbyes are never easy. We look forward to seeing the joy on the other side when they arrive, it truly makes my heart happy to see the joy for families on puppy arrival day. We look forward to watching them grow up in photos and we are so thankful we receive so many from our Zara Families!

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