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Zara Tibetan

Best Friends Or 


Two separate breeders with two very different breeding programs who happen to be best friends and mother & daughter. We wouldn't have it any other way. 

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Angel Tibetans Of Oregon



Let's answer some frequently answered questions to explain how we got here together! 

Q:  Who is who?

A:  Sam is the owner of Zara Tibetan Terriers, Kristina is the owner of Angel Tibetans of Oregon


Q:  Who has been breeding the longest?

A:  Sam, the daughter! Don't worry, it shocks everyone else too, haha.


Q:  Who has bred Tibetans longer? 

A:  Kristina, the mom! Confused? I bet. When my first Tibetan died, I switched to breeding a different breed for 3 years because my heart was broken but it just didn't feel right. I told Kristina to scoot on over because we had to make room for both of us to raise TT's in Oregon! Luckily she likes me and took it well ;) 


Q:  Where did we get our first Tibetans? 

A: I got mine as a gift from my former mother in law, Debbie. Kristina got hers from me. Since then I've also gotten many from her too! 

Q:  Are our breeding programs the same? 

A: No! There are actually some things we do fundamentally different, and neither of us will ever convince the other one that our way is the right way. We are both a weeeeee bit stubborn. Genetics LOL


Q: Do we both health test?

A: Absolutely. We both have health as the foundation of our breeding programs. You cannot produce healthy puppies without healthy parents, and we both take that very seriously. You can often find us going to health testing clinics and appointments together. It's nice to have the company and extra hands to help! Teamwork makes the dream work!


Q:  Do we work together as one breeder?

A:  No. We are separate breeders with different breeding programs. That being said if we know the other has a puppy that is the perfect fit for your family and we do not have a puppy we think is the right fit for your needs, we will absolutely refer you to the other one and even transfer your deposit over for convenience. I like to think we work parallel to each other. We communicate often and share information when it benefits our customers, with their permission of course.

Q:  Are your puppies the same price?

A:  Generally, yes! We intentionally discuss price increases together and plan them to happen at the same time because we value our puppies as the same quality. There are times when one will do an increase before the other, but the other usually follows suit by the next litter. 

Q:  Do you have the same lines?

A:  Some of our dogs definitely come from the same lines, and some do not. For instance her dog Kami was bred by us, and is a sister to our Cinnamon and Reese. Some of our dogs we purchase from other breeders, and therefore do not share the lines. 

Q:  Do you each use different stud dogs?

A:  No. We each have a stud dog that lives with us, and we co-own and share them in our breeding programs. Tucker is at Zara TT's and Remy is at Angel TT's and we each utilize them both! This is the one area our breeding programs overlap on a substantial level. We agreed to share our stud dogs to help increase our options long ago, and we will always keep it that way. Co-owners on stud dogs for life!  

Q:  What do you like most about having a family member who breeds this breed too?

A:  That we have built in dog sitters for when we go on vacation. We have learned no one loves our dogs and treats them as well as the two of us. Having someone who knows exactly how our programs function day to day and that we know will take incredible care of our animals is the best! 

Q:  Where are you both located?

A:  Dorena, Oregon. We live a mile apart temporarily and it's the best! It won't be for much longer because Kristina has to be rude and move away LOL, but we are treasuring the time to be so close while it lasts!

Q:  What is one thing Kristina does better? 

A:  Her puppy pack she hands out with her puppies. Listen, I have 4 kids to raise. Her disposable income is much greater than mine thanks to my kids, haha, and she's a shop-a-holic when it comes to her dogs and puppies. Spoiled is not even the word, and your trunk better be empty if you get her puppy! My puppy pack is also quite large, but this girl goes above and beyond, and then above even more! She's over here making photo albums of all your puppies photos they have EVER had taken, to give you, and I do not have that kind of free time! She gives out the best puppy pack I have ever seen, and all her customers will tell you so. 

Q:  What is one thing Sam does better? 

A:  My kids are the world's best puppy socializers and our secret weapon around here. Our puppies are handled daily by children of varying ages, and we constantly hear how much our puppies love children and get so excited to run into kids on the street even if they don't have their own kids at home. I fully believe this is one thing that sets my breeding program apart from all other breeders. I do not personally know of any other  U.S. based TT breeder with small kids that live at home. (If anyone knows differently, please correct me!) Our children are incredible at socializing them and our puppies are always ready and prepared to fall in love with families with children. While many breeders think this breed isn't good for families with small children, the reality is their experience may be that they are not be good with small children because they haven't been raised with them on a daily basis so children may cause those puppies a lot of stress. My puppies aren't phased by children one bit, they LOVE kids! So we welcome families with children of all ages to apply for our babies! You can see some REALLY cute photos of our puppies and their kids on our Zara Family page.

-Also, my website is better. Good luck competing with this masterpiece Kristina! Haha. Just kidding, I just wanted to make everyone giggle. 

            I truly cannot say enough good things about my mom. It is incredibly special to have someone so close really know and understand this life. A best friend to show against, to dog sit, to lean on and share knowledge with when we learn new things about breeding, to go on the long car rides with when we deliver puppies to keep each other company, and someone to talk to who knows the struggles of breeding that can relate.  I am so grateful life ended up this way. If I am not a good fit to get your new puppy from, I wholeheartedly recommend Kristina as the next breeder to reach out to. I would stand behind her breeding program, her ethics and her love for her dogs any day. We are equally knowledgeable about this breed and best breeding practices. Most people who love one of us will love us both, but sometimes one or the other is just a better fit! We are happy to chat with you and help determine if this breed is right for you, and if either one of us would be a better fit for your needs than the other! 


MOm quote.jpg

Hey mom,
Thanks for always believing in me. I couldn't be who I am without you and your love. 
I love you lots, bestie!


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