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Our Family + Our story

It takes a village and we sure have a strong one full of love to share!

            Every single puppy is raised in our home as part of our family, the same as their parents. They are held and snuggled abundantly every single day. From the time they are born they know nothing but love and we strive to create the most well-rounded, properly socialized, healthy, playful and loving puppies we can! We are proud of the puppies we produce here and we know you will love them just as much as we do if you are chosen to be the parents of one of our sweet babies! I look forward to telling you more about them!


Our Story

The short version?

I've been breeding for 20 years now and people often see me and wonder how that is possible. I constantly hear how young I look, and they are right! I moved out on my own at 16, was married shortly after and had our son Jake when I was 19. I started my independent life earlier than most. I graduated high school at 17 and received my first trade school certification later that year after graduating from the International Air and Hospitality Academy in Washington.

  I was 16 when I had my first litter of Tibetan Terriers.  I fell in love with the breed after receiving a Tibetan Terrier as a gift from my (former) mother-in-law, Debbie. Her name was Honey and she will forever be the love of my life; Honey was the reason I fell in love with this breed. She was a naughty girl at times- yet made me laugh, smile and feel so much love like I hadn't ever before. Her human-like companionship was unmatched. She was truly my best friend through the early years of my adult life- especially through my divorce after 7 years of marriage. I was determined to succeed and learn anything and everything I could  about being a responsible and ethical breeder moving forward and have spent my entire life since learning to be just that! We shared our home with 4 Tibetans back then and our program has only grown since! Sharing this breed with others is my passion. 

 I went to college and earned my Bachelor Of Science from the University of Oregon while raising my son Jake as a single mom. This degree has given me a wonderful understanding of genetics, which I implement often in our breeding program. I married my husband Josh in 2016 and he came with two children of his own! Hunter was seven at the time and Audrey was just one year old. Emelia is our youngest together and was the perfect completion of our family. For over a decade I worked full time while raising kids and puppies, and then decided to stay at home as our family grew so that I could be 100% hands on with all the little ones, both human and furry!

A few years after receiving Honey, I placed a TT with my mom, Kristina, and she fell in love with the breed and now raises these amazing dogs, too. We are two different breeders in the same family, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Our love and dedication to this breed runs deep, and I am so thankful to have someone so close to share this experience with! 

 The rest is history. 

Meet Our Family


Sam - Founder of Zara Tibetans


Jake - 17


Audrey- 12


Josh- a.k.a my Husband 


Hunter- 16


Emelia- 8


Our favorite thing to do is Travel & enjoy life together!

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