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 Welcome to the home of Zara Tibetan Terriers!

       We are the Dorr family and we are happy you found us! We have raised healthy, beautiful, family-friendly Tibetan Terriers for 20 
years now, and have met so many amazing families along the way that we now consider part of our family.
         We have 4 children ages 7 to 16 who work really hard to help socialize our babies so that they are ready for homes with kids, or to meet kids when they are out and about! Being raised with children in our home sets our breeding program apart and provides a strong foundation for low stress interactions with kids for their entire lives!

       This breed is like no other and they really are best described as "little people." They can be naughty or sweet depending on their mood, but they are always the best companions you will ever have, and we wouldn't have it any other way. The laughs we get every day from them make our life wonderful. Determination and a strong sense of humor will help you along the way with this breed, as they are so incredibly smart and witty. Our dogs are our family and are raised as such, and we raise our puppies with nothing but love.

        Our goal is to find families we believe are the perfect match for this breed and our breeding program. A strong relationship with us is the foundation for success, so prepare to be open, honest and form a strong bond with us throughout our very inclusive process if you are chosen for one of our puppies. We want to support your journey and offer advice and a helping hand whenever it's needed, our relationship doesn't just end when you take your puppy home.

        Please reach out to chat with us! We are very friendly, open, easy to talk to and down to earth. I'm sure a quick look around this website, our Instagram, or our Facebook account will give you that feeling just in photos alone. We take pride in our Zara family and the close bond we share. Many of our Zara families look forward to new Zara babies coming to their area, there is often playdates available and new friends nearby! I look forward to getting to know you and telling you more about our program, as well as helping determine if this breed is right for you!
     Please enjoy our website, I put a lot of love and time into creating a space reflective of who we are and showcasing what is most important to us- our dogs, puppies and the relationships we have with their families! We hope you like it. 

    With Love,

The Dorr Family

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